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Setting Up Your Recording Space

In this episode, Joe talks you through what you need to get your podcast recording space setup! At this point, if you've been following along, your podcast is really getting close to hitting the airwaves. But before you can d...

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Setting Up Your Recording Space

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Sept. 28, 2022

Setting Up Your Recording Space

In this episode, Joe talks you through what you need to get your podcast recording space setup! At this point, if you've been fol…

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Sept. 21, 2022

Towncasting To Support Local Business

Well before starting the Entrepreneurial Insights Podcast , Pearson Crutcher and Jay Healy were no strangers to the world of busi…

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Sept. 14, 2022

Getting Your Show Together!

Today, we’re talking about those essential show elements that everyone needs to establish their pod, video, or towncast. In many …

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Sept. 7, 2022

Towncasting As A Networking Tool

Troy Price and his wife had lived all over the state of Kentucky, but they never wanted to settle in any one place for too long. …

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Aug. 31, 2022

Lessons Learned In The First Ten Episodes

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, Towncast Joe runs through some of the lessons he's learned in his first 10 episodes! Amo…

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Aug. 24, 2022

Towncasting To An Underserved Fanbase - The Scarlet Spotlight

When Jon Newman and Danny Breslauer launched The Scarlet Spotlight podcast in early 2018, they knew they were aiming to serve an …

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Getting Your Podcast Recording Space Setup

Your podcast is almost ready to release! The next step on our journey is to setup our recording space for optimal recording. In this episode, Joe walks y…

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About the Hosts

Joe Gangemi (aka Towncast Joe) Profile Photo

Joe Gangemi (aka Towncast Joe)

Chief Studio Manager

When you walk into Towncast Studios, you may see a man setting up cameras and microphones, adjusting lighting, or hard at work on some post-production. Don’t be alarmed - It’s just Towncast Joe!

As chief studio engineer at Towncast Studios, Joe Gangemi’s role (and passion) is to help customers look, sound, and feel their best - first, by setting the studio for optimal recording, and then by engineering and producing behind the glass.

With specialties in recording techniques, engineering, and pre and post-production, Joe is ready and able to assist you from the earliest stages of recording all the way through to putting the finishing touches on your product.

Mathew Passy (The Podcast Consultant) Profile Photo

Mathew Passy (The Podcast Consultant)

Founder of Towncast Studios

Towncast Studios may be a relatively new space in Mount Laurel, NJ, but Mathew – aka The Podcast Consultant – is a seasoned expert in the podcasting arena.

He launched his first podcast at New Jersey 101.5 FM back in 2007, and then spent nearly eight years doing podcast production for The Wall Street journal. Since then, Mathew has gone on to launch and produce critically acclaimed shows like Invest Like the Best, The Peter Attia Drive, Animal Spirits, The Investopedia Express, and more. He also hosts Causepods and Podcast Me Anything.

Mathew is always ready to share pearls of wisdom he has collected along the way, supporting clients to elevate their podcast series and engage more listeners than ever before.