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Aug. 10, 2022

Making Waves With Local Content - The Trenton Waves Podcast

On the latest episode of the Towncast Podcast, we sit down with Frank and Christina Sasso - creators of the Trenton Waves podcast. 

Through their show, the Sassos are making waves by working to create a better name for their town of Trenton, New Jersey. They talk with local business owners, artists, and other local personalities, all in the pursuit of cultivating the beauty of their home, and introducing their Trentonian neighbors to one another. 

Before they started the Trenton Waves Podcast, Frank and Christina Sasso were already experienced podcasters. The married couple both understood the medium and thought it would be a great way to get the word out on what their home-city of Trenton was truly all about. 

The capital of New Jersey had long received a bad rap for being an uninviting place - rife with crime and pollution. Even among many New Jersey residents, Trenton was viewed in a poor light.

But efforts in recent years to clean up the streets and build up the city have transformed the city into a prosperous town with an upward trajectory. The Sassos wanted to share that story with the world.

An interesting fact drawn from this interview: at the time of recording this episode, the Sassos were clocking around 2.6 million listeners. It turns out only a third of them were based in New Jersey. This goes to show that local content is not only valuable for its intended local community, but for a wider audience as well.

Through the Trenton Waves podcast, the Sassos were able to find a way to take their good vibes and neighborly spirit and turn it into a force for good in their community.

The Trenton Waves Podcast are a shining example of how podcasting can truly change the world by offering listeners - local and afar - a true taste of what a place is all about.

Listen to the Trenton Waves podcast here