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Sept. 7, 2022

Towncasting As a Networking Device - The Berea Podcast

Towncasting As a Networking Device - The Berea Podcast

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, Mathew Passy sits down with Troy Price to discuss his Berea Podcast. Along with his wife, Troy has been a longtime resident of the state of Kentucky. 

The Prices have lived all over the state, but never settled in any one place for too long. They preferred to keep moving and explore everywhere from Louisville to Pikeville.

But when they arrived at small town of Berea, they decided they wanted to put down some roots and settle in. 

There were a few challenges ahead of them - many of which are common among transplants to a new town. Moving itself is a challenge, but the Prices also didn’t know many people in the area. There was much they wanted to learn, and much work to be done and time spent in exploring the new town. 

Keeping all this in mind, the Prices had a novel solution in mind: podcasting!

Troy Price had been involved in the world of podcasting since 2007, and so he was no stranger to the storytelling format. This one was particularly interesting, and in many ways, actually one of the easiest for Troy to get rolling. All he needed was some local recording equipment, a solid plan, and the motivation to get out there and create some content.

That last one was easy - Troy and his wife were already eager to get out there and learn all they could about their new home of Berea, Kentucky!

They wanted to use the podcast as a networking device to get to know their town and the people in it at a deeper level. They would get to talk with longtime residents, learn about the history of their new town, and make a lot of friends and connections along the way.

The Berea Podcast became something of a public service. People would write in and thank Troy and his wife for taking the time to create their show - uncovering some of the history and telling the backstories of some local residents.

It may seem obvious, but Troy does not employ nationwide marketing tactics for his hyper-locally focused content. On some of the episodes that he believes would be more widely appreciated, Troy might expand his reach on Facebook to a wider radius. 

With a towncast like the Berea Podcast, Troy is able to notice spikes in listenership after an instance of some external promotion. Maybe he gave a particularly good interview with a friend with a close circle, and that friend group then shares the episode on Troy’s behalf - either through word-of-mouth or social media. This can cause a ripple that could lead to a high number of downloads, and maybe even some new subscribers.

But above all, Troy always keeps it hyperlocal. His goal is not to reach the world, but only the namesake of his show - Berea, Kentucky. Beyond that, maybe some of the surrounding towns that may be interested. 

But with the power of the internet, you can never predict the potential reach of good content.

With the Berea Podcast, the Prices’ job in determining their target audience was particularly easy… it was their neighbors!

In this episode, Troy also goes into detail on his method for reaching out and pitching his show to potential guests. His methods are proven, and really seem to work especially well on a local level. 

Other topics discussed include:

  • Troy talks about his own hometown studio called Front Porch Studios!
  • Some valuable resources for email templates that could prove useful in outreach for your local podcast
  • Troy talks about the bright future he sees ahead for local podcasters


All that and more on this episode of the Towncast Podcast!

Thanks for reading!