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July 27, 2022

Towncasting At a State Level - The Mitten Money Podcast

Towncasting At a State Level - The Mitten Money Podcast

With the name Towncast, it can be easy to think of it as something that is exclusively intended for small communities - cities, towns, and even neighborhoods. While it is true that Towncast is all about hyperlocal content - even on a very small level - you can also take the concept and apply it on a larger level. 

Or in the case of the Mitten Money Podcast, the lower half of the state of Michigan (the one that is shaped like a mitten)!

On this episode of the Towncast Podcast, Mathew Passy sits down with William Zank and Kristen Wuerfel, the two minds behind the Mitten Money Podcast. 

While Mitten Money is supported by William and Kristen’s employer - Tri-Star Trust, a Michigan-based wealth management firm - their show focuses more on the Southern-Michigan community than anything else. They talk with everyone from local businessowners, representatives from different local organizations, and even some local “celebrities”.

In all, William and Kristen have tapped into the idea of towncasting in an amazing way, finding great success not just in their own business endeavors, but in connecting the people of Michigan in a self-supporting way.

Listen to episode 6 of the Towncast Podcast now!