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July 13, 2022

Towncasting For a Cause - Jordan Gass-Pooré of the Hazard NJ Podcast

On the Towncast Podcast, we love to highlight creators who are delivering geo-local content by and for their local community. Doing so in the form of a podcast or videocast is something that we’re calling “towncasting”. 

But in some cases, these creators who are serving that specific area are not even from the area in question. Sometimes, they’ve never even lived there before! Take, for instance, Jordan Gass-Pooré - special guest on this week’s Towncast Podcast.

Jordan was born in Texas and today lives in New York, but her geo-local podcast “Hazard NJ” is all about - you guessed it - New Jersey.

The show focuses on superfund sites, which are essentially defined as abandoned waste sites. In her Hazard NJ series, Jordan wants to educate listeners - New Jersey residents and beyond - on where these sites are, why they are there, and what listeners can do to help support cleanup efforts.

So why New Jersey? Sad as it may be, despite being a relatively small state, New Jersey is home to the highest number of superfund sites in the country. Because of this, Jordan thought the Garden State would be a great place to start.

One of Jordan’s reasons in championing the cleaning of superfund sites relates to the ongoing, global climate crisis. While reversing climate change is a top-priority initiative in its own right, the unpredictable effects of climate change only stand to make things worse for superfund sites and their surrounding areas.

That is if they aren't made part of the public discourse and their cleanup efforts expedited. When thinking about superfund sites, there really are many parallels to the climate crisis. And both are of dire importance.

Jordan shows that having passion for an area and a well-defined goal can be all it takes to start a towncast - even if you aren’t from the area in question. Furthermore, her incredible efforts with the Hazard NJ podcast show that starting relatively small and focused can be an effective strategy when trying to reach people within a geo-local area.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to speak with Jordan about her work, and we hope that you not only find this episode of the Towncast Podcast insightful, but that you’ll give the Hazard NJ podcast a listen as well.

The Hazard NJ podcast is addressing an incredibly important topic not only as it relates to the world of today, but the world of tomorrow. 

We hope that you’ll consider getting involved with combating superfund sites, even if it’s just by spreading the word about them.


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