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June 29, 2022

Towncasting in Action: An Interview with Mark Bologna, Creator of Beyond Bourbon Street

Towncasting in Action: An Interview with Mark Bologna, Creator of Beyond Bourbon Street

When Mark Bologna launched Beyond Bourbon Street in 2016, he never thought his homegrown podcast would someday supplement his income and rack up over 1 million downloads.

But today, in 2022, Mark’s efforts have resulted in over 150 episodes, as well as countless relationships, experiences, and insights within his city that he likely wouldn't have if it weren’t for his labor of love.

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, Mathew Passy sits down with Mark to discuss the origins and ongoing success of Beyond Bourbon Street.

Mark's story is an excellent example of how to take your local community and begin looking at it through a lens of storytelling.

The rewards, according to Mark, have been bountiful, and his community-focused content is a two-way gift that just keeps on giving.

In Beyond Bourbon Street, Mark talks with local people - particularly business owners. According to Mark, he has found his podcast to be a great “in” when it comes to meeting local people and getting to know them. In his interviews, Mark not only gets to know the person, but the brand, business, or organization that they are a part of.

Given that the vast majority of Mark’s listeners are New Orleans’-based (though not all of them), you can imagine how his promotion of New Orleans’-based businesses not only helps Mark in creating great content, it also helps the business in sharing what they do.

Beyond that, this promotional content may also help local listeners who are looking for the service that is being discussed!

Essentially, in the process of creating his podcast, Mark is promoting the people and places that make his community what it is.

In the case of this towncast success story, everyone wins - not just Mark, but the people, places, and businesses of his city!

Mark also uses his podcast as a tool for educating listeners, dedicating some episodes to re-telling the tales and exploring the mysteries of New Orleans’ rich 300-year history.

In this episode, Mark touches on a few particularly interesting historical tidbits that he’s learned along the way.

And it’s not just a show for New Orleans locals. In fact, one of Mark’s main goals with Beyond Bourbon Street is hinted at right there in its clever name. Mark wanted to show people how much more there is to New Orleans beyond just the imagery of Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, and endless partying that we’ve all seen in the media.

Tune in to hear Mark's advice on how to start a local podcast of your own, as well as experiences and lessons he's learned along the way.

In total, this episode of the Towncast Podcast will undoubtedly help you on your way to creating content for your local community.


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