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June 22, 2022

Welcome To the Towncast Podcast!

Welcome to The Towncast Podcast!

This show is dedicated to educating as many people as possible on the power and potential of podcasting as a means of cultivating connection within communities.

Our hope is that we can help to inspire the next generation of creators, by educating and enlightening on the true potential of locally-focused content.

The Towncast Podcast is going to be a lot of things. For one, it’s going to be an educational resource for listeners to learn the ins and outs of podcasting. From the basic, to the advanced, to the technical.

Alongside the podcast talk, we’ll be introducing concepts related to “towncasting”. That’s a new term we’ve come up with.

However, the premise of the towncast has already been around for some time now.

So what is Towncasting? It’s a podcast made specifically for a geo-local community - in other words, content by and for the people and places from which it is created.

A towncast's target audience could be as small as a neighborhood, or as far-reaching as a state or multi-state media market.

At Towncast, we truly believe that homegrown, community-focused content can be of incredible benefit not only to the creator, but to their community, as well.

Altogether, we hope our content is able to take your understanding of podcasting - and towncasting - to the next level!

So, what is the Towncast Podcast going to sound like?

In some episodes, host Joe Gangemi - aka Towncast Joe - will be tackling one aspect of the podcasting process at a time. He’ll be running through the essential facts and technical know-how related to the given topic.

And of course, there will be topical episodes related specifically to the intricacies of towncasting.

Joe will be giving you his key takeaways on the topic that are hand-picked to be of most value to you.

With this aspect, Joe's goal is to get to the core of the subject matter so that you, the listener, can understand and apply the concept for yourself.

In addition to that, in each topical episode, Towncast Joe will be giving you a bonus takeaway. This will come in the form of a question, an additional audio or video clip, or a practical exercise. 

These bonus takeaways are designed to help you with things like:

  • Launching and strategizing your show effectively
  • Growing or expanding your brand
  • Solving a problem or easing a pain point (ideally before it arises!)

In other episodes, Towncast founder Mathew Passy will serve as host and talk with podcasters who are already putting towncasting into practice. In some cases, these towncasters have been at it for almost 10 years!

Mathew's interviews will serve as a great accompaniment to the educational nature of Towncast Joe’s episodes. You’ll get to hear just how incredible and beneficial of a journey towncasting can be - not just for the creator, but for the community being served, as well.

Much like episode 1 of the podcast, this article will serve as an introduction of sorts - in this case, to the series of blogposts that we’ll be running alongside the show. For most episodes, we’ll have a blog post to accompany the podcast portion. In addition to a written form of the information presented in the podcast, you may find bonus content in these blog posts. Images, downloadable documents, embedded videos, helpful links, and more!

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