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July 20, 2022

What is Towncast? A Deeper Dive

Did you know Towncast is more than just a catchy name?

In this episode of the Towncast Podcast, we take a deep dive into all things Towncast. 

We’ll explore what the word itself means, where the idea came from, and Towncast's plans for the future.

Towncast has big plans on how to reinvigorate the podcast industry.

We begin by hearing from Mathew Passy - founder of Towncast - on what originally inspired the idea.

As you’ll hear in the episode, Mathew was busy establishing his podcast production brand - The Podcast Consultant - when he noticed that it was difficult to find content based off of geographical location.

It was surprisingly challenging to find content created by, for, or about a particular location. 

The only way, it seemed, was through focused research, or, perhaps, by coming across shows with their location prominently featured in the branding.

Mathew had the thought:

What if there was a resource - a directory - that allowed creators and listeners alike to find content based on location?

And that was the initial spark for the idea.

Ever since that time - around 2014 - Towncast has gone through much iteration. Attempts were made to launch the brand, design the website, and build the directory - but it never seemed to take off quite like Mathew had envisioned.

He shelved the idea for a while, but never stopped building out or believing in the idea of what Towncast could someday be.

Eventually, Mathew realized that the best way to begin building out an idea as large-scale as Towncast was to begin building the very first Towncast community himself.

Being a long-time New Jersey resident, Mathew thought, why not start at home? He had the thought of launching a local podcast of his own. Being involved in the production of dozens of podcasts by this point - and hosting a few of his own - the idea was totally within reach.

But he didn't stop there.

Somewhere along the way, Mathew had another thought - one that could potentially take Towncast and truly turn it into a household name.

The idea: what if there was a network of studios that were specifically designed for podcast, videocast, and towncast projects? A place that offered everything from content launches to publishing - easier and more accessible than ever.

The name for this branch of the Towncast brand would be Towncast Studios

Fast forward to early 2022: Mathew Passy - along with partner Joe Gangemi - opened the first Towncast Studios location in Mt Laurel, New Jersey.

Later that same year, they launched the Towncast Podcast… a show dedicated to sharing the Towncast message with the world. 

And here we are!

In this episode, we'll cover much more than just the history of Towncast. You'll hear some interesting ideas for geo-local content - some existing examples, as well as some new ones. We'll also touch on how you can get started making your own, and how we can possibly help.

Here at Towncast, we're just getting started, and we're glad to have you here with us.

Tune in to episode 5 of the Towncast Podcast to learn more!

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