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July 6, 2022

Building A Strong Foundation - An Overview of Podcast Formats

Building A Strong Foundation - An Overview of Podcast Formats

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the different types of podcasting formats. Not genres - but actual structures. The very frameworks under which your favorite shows are built. Examples include monologues, panel discussions, interviews, and storytelling podcasts. This aspect of the podcast creation process can be overlooked by many beginners. It can be easy to jump to the fun stuff like booking guests and finding your theme music, but this important topic is one that we thought should be covered early.

Some points we discuss:

  • An overview of the most popular podcast formats
  • The benefits of starting with a simple format
  • Some tips for conducting a good interview
  • Where towncasting fits into the podcast format discussion
  • Considerations if you’re thinking of changing your podcast format

Whether you’re an experienced podcaster or just beginning to think about what kind of podcast you want to create, this episode is designed to get you thinking about your content from a truly foundational level.

This episode’s bonus takeaway is a simple question intended to get you thinking about what you enjoy as a listener: What type of podcast format do you tend to gravitate to? And why?

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