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Aug. 10, 2022

Making Waves With Local Content - Trenton Waves Podcast

Making Waves With Local Content - Trenton Waves Podcast

On this episode of the Towncast Podcast, we sit down with Frank and Christina Sasso - creators of the Trenton Waves podcast. 

Through their show, the Sassos are making waves by working to create a better name for their beloved town of Trenton, New Jersey.

They talk with local business owners, artists, and other local personalities, all in the pursuit of exploring the beauty of their home, and bringing their Trentonian neighbors closer together.

And beyond that, the Sassos take pride in shining a positive light on their home. They emphasize the best parts of the oft-misunderstood New Jersey capital - giving a platform to Trenton's most interesting people, places, and stories.

The Sassos were able to find a way to take their good vibes, neighborly spirit, and on-air dynamics, and turn it all into a force for good in their community.

The Sassos and their Trenton Waves Podcast are a shining example of how podcasting can truly change the world by offering listeners - local and afar - a true taste of what a place is all about.

Some interesting points discussed in this episode:

  • Why Frank and Christina Sasso - two NYC-natives - decided to start a podcast about Trenton, NJ
  • Some of the benefits of creating local content
  • Advice on how to start your own local podcast and find success over the long-run (hint: just get started)
  • Insight on how your content may transform over time, and how it pays to at once have a plan but still remain open to adaptation
  • Interesting stories from Frank and Christina’s experiences creating Trenton Waves

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