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July 13, 2022

Towncasting For a Cause - Hazard NJ Podcast

Towncasting For a Cause - Hazard NJ Podcast

On the Towncast Podcast, we love to highlight content creators who are delivering content by and for their local community. But in some cases, these creators aren’t even from the area that they're serving. Take, for instance, Jordan Gass-Pooré - special guest on this week’s Towncast Podcast.

Jordan created the Hazard NJ podcast to bring attention to the hundreds - if not thousands - of superfund sites around the United States. These abandoned toxic waste sites are harmful to the planet, and especially to the areas and people surrounding them. 

Even though Jordan was born in Texas and lives in New York, with the Hazard NJ podcast, she is focusing her attention on cleaning up the superfund sites in New Jersey. Her goal is to not only educate the geo-local communities who are being directly affected, but a larger audience, as well. 

By working together, Jordan believes we can all help in supporting the cleanup efforts of these superfund sites and make the world a healthier place to live.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • What are superfund sites? And why they deserve our attention
  • Why Jordan chose New Jersey as the best place to start her fight against superfund sites
  • Lessons learned in Jordan’s time creating and researching the Hazard NJ podcast
  • Jordan’s advice on things to do - and not to do - when starting your own local podcast
  • A particular piece of advice for towncasting echoed by Mark Bologna on a previous episodes (hint: librarians and archivists are awesome)


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