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June 29, 2022

Towncasting in Action: Mark Bologna, Creator of Beyond Bourbon Street

Towncasting in Action: Mark Bologna, Creator of Beyond Bourbon Street

“ …That’s what really gives you some creativity with a local podcast. There’s a story behind every door in your community.” — Mark Bologna

In this episode, Towncast founder Mathew Passy sits down with Mark Bologna, creator of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast. Beyond Bourbon Street is a great example of a long-running and successful "towncast". The show was inspired out of Mark’s personal pursuit to learn more about his beloved city of New Orleans. In addition to that, Mark wanted to educate the public - local and beyond - on the true depth and beauty of his town.

As Mark explains in the episode, New Orleans has far more to offer than just the familiar imagery of Mardi Gras and partying on Bourbon Street.

In addition to covering the city’s current events, diverse personalities, and local businesses, Mark also spends some episodes diving deep into New Orleans’ 300-year history.

Over the course of the show’s 150+ episodes, Beyond Bourbon Street has evolved from a passion project into a thriving source of content for locals and curious minds alike. Today, Beyond Bourbon Street has tallied over 1 million downloads. According to Mark, his only regret along the way was not pressing record sooner!

Among the topics discussed:

  • Mark shares several lessons & tricks of the trade that he has discovered over the years
  • Mark’s advice for aspiring towncasters
  • How being a good neighbor and shouting out local businesses eventually landed Mark some sponsorship opportunities
  • The initial motivation that got Mark to press record and dive into podcasting
  • How the lens of content-creation can allow you to see your community in a new way, and open many new doors (both figuratively and literally!)


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