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Sept. 21, 2022

Towncasting To Support Local Business

Towncasting To Support Local Business

Well before starting the Entrepreneurial Insights Podcast, Pearson Crutcher and Jay Healy were no strangers to the world of business.

Both based out of Memphis, Tennessee, Healy and Crutcher both recognized that their city was a burgeoning hotspot for new names and interesting stories within the world of business.

Longtime friends and collaborators, it was around the same time that both Crutcher and Healy had the idea to start a podcast to share these inspiring stories.

Join us in this episode of the Towncast Podcast as we talk with Jay Healy and Pearson Crutcher about where their idea came from, how they acted on it, and how more people can follow suit in starting their own towncast!

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • The “why” behind Crutcher and Healy starting the Entrepreneurial Insights Podcast
  • Some of the benefits they've enjoyed since starting their podcast
  • How the co-hosts used organizations such as local chambers of commerce to network and help spread the word about their local podcast
  • More of Jay and Pearson’s nuanced advice on starting a local podcast of your own


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